The NEW 2-PIECE mooring / trailerable cover for boats and pontoon boats.

( U.S. PATENT # 6,659,035 December 9, 2003 ) ( CANADIAN PATENT # 2,392,679 July 5, 2002 )

The Easy-On Cover was designed for ease of installation with safety a priority.

Best of all “NO MORE SNAPS”

The Easy-On Cover has 2 pieces; a front bow part, and a rear stern part.

The 2 pieces are connected just behind the front support pole by 2 zippers . The 2 zippers, starting in the middle and closing to the outside of the boat, allows for docking of the boat from either the port side or starboard.

The Easy-On Cover is fastened to the sides of the boat with “Stayput Fasteners”. There are only 4 – 5 fasteners on each side plus 2 at the back. Only 10 – 12 fasteners compared to other covers using 70-85 snaps.

The Easy-On Cover has its own support system made up of 2 ADJUSTABLE SUPPORT poles installed in the interior of the boat.

The Easy-On Cover has a protective flap under the length of both zippers to protect the boat’s surface from the zipper as well as a top flap over the zipper. The end of the cover flap is secured over the zipper with Velcro strips. The Easy-On Cover is made with 100 % polyester fabric, which is Water Repellent, and UV Resistant.

The Easy-On Cover also has sewn-in nylon loops for trailering.

The Easy-On Cover can include an optional motor cover with a felt lining. This lining protects the paint and decals of the motor hood.